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Pest Control

She was just a few seconds ahead of me. Well, more than a few, but not a full minute.  I walked in the front door of headquarters to see the dear sweet detective waiving an envelope at Xander.  At that moment, more than any other moment, I hated her.  She was a pain in my fucking side.

I walked up to Detective Gehenna, and from behind, I snatched the envelope.

“I thought my instruction for you to stay away from Xander was clear.” I tore the envelope in four pieces and dropped them to the floor.  Val could clean it up later.  “Your presence here, detective, does not make me happy.”

I think I actually sneered.

Right about then, Xander walked past her without a word and into my office, where I directed the good detective.  He took a position on the opposite side of the room by the coffee maker and nonchalantly got a rather large cup of coffee.  He added three creamers, and then started to pour the sugar.

I turned my attention back to her.

She looked at me with a cold glare.  “Your instructions are irrelevant.  I have a warrant for Hitman’s arrest and tearing the paper doesn’t change anything.”

“You HAD a warrant, detective.  And after a few calls from me, your job will also be past tense.”

I noticed at that moment that Xander was still pouring sugar.  I heard him mutter something under his breath that sounded like, It’s good to have an asshole on the team sometimes.

“Detective, you should really learn to take better instruction.”  I sat in my office chair, trying to keep from getting too angry.  Xander muttered something I couldn’t make out about “dictation.” He tossed aside an empty sugar container and produced another from under the table and continued pouring.

“Please… enlighten me on why I shouldn’t do my job and take his ass in?”  Gehenna spat. 

She looked like she was ready to pounce at me.

I stood. “Your job is…what i say it is!” My tone resonated.

She stood up. “And what authority do you have? All I see is you harboring a murderer and your team isn’t doing jack about the insurgence of recent crime on the streets.  So don’t you threaten my job when there are innocent people getting kidnapped.”

Kidnapped?  Was she mocking me?  Did Streets go to her after I told him I would look into alleged kidnappings?  I felt a trace of sweat crawl from my temple and stop under my chin. The lights flashed and my computer shut off.  I was angry.

I reached on my desk for my stress spheres. “Is this what you call doing your job, detective?  It seems you have a need to play with the big boys and I’m not sure you can handle that.”

I heard Xander sip the sludge he called coffee and glanced at him.  He shrugged and kept sipping.

Instantly, Detective Gehenna’s facial expression changed from anger to amusement. “Big boys, really?  What should I be handling with you?” 

Xander nearly spat out his coffee, trying poorly to hide a snicker.  His laugh set Gehenna off again.

“You know what, Spire?  I’ve had enough of your bullshit. I got three dead bodies under Hitman, one of them being the Mayor. He also beat the hell out of your traitor Urban 30 member and I’ve still got a lot of unanswered questions.  You and Hitman will answer my questions, even if I have to take the answers from you.”

Gehenna squared her shoulders, balled her fists and headed towards me. Her eyes started glowing white.

After Hitman managed to regain his composure, he finally spoke.  “Careful, Spire, she can hold her own in a fight.”

I looked at Xander for a minute.  Though I’m not the skilled fighter that Xander is, I was certain Gehenna was no threat.  When Xander finally nodded, I understood.

Turning back to Detective Gehenna, my demeanor was suddenly more relaxed. The computer suddenly booted back up and the lights were steady.

“Detective,” I said. “Since you will most certainly be unemployed in the next 72 hours – I’m going to make you an offer.”

Suspiciously, she looked at me.  She moved her jacket away from her right side, revealing her 9mm.  I was slightly amused that she still wanted to play rough.  Though Gehenna’s action was probably more instict than anything.

I continued. “I’m going to give you a job here with the Urban 30. This will give you a chance to invest your talents into catching real bad guys.” I opened the door. “You don’t have to give me an answer now. Think it over. I will look forward to hearing from you later this week.”

I guided Gehenna out of my office, then closed the door.  Looking at Xander, I waited for his response.

He said, “You know, I have to admit. Pain in the ass that she may be, and persistent as a rash requiring penicillin, the fact of the matter is, she held her own when we sparred a while back. She can take care of herself, at least,”  Xander said with a surprising amount of respect, “I may not particularly like her methods or, well, personality, but she’s a warrior.”

“You see a warrior… I see a pest.”  I ended.